Should I Let My Adult Child Move Back Home?

Well, that’s a good question and continues to be a dilemma for most parents. As a parent you want to help your adult child, but you want your child to become independent of you in most cases! You want your adult child to spread their wings and find their own space! But, sometimes that may be more difficult in our present day due to the high cost of housing. It may take your adult child more time to save up for their first apartment or home. Especially if they just finished college and may have student loans that they will need to pay back. So, you really want to help your adult child by letting them live with you, but, you want them not to become dependant upon you if you help them. Here are some tips and information you may want to consider when thinking about letting your adult child live with you:

1) Consider charging your adult child rent while they are staying with you once they have secured a job. This will teach your adult child responsibility and how to manage their personal finances. They’ll need this experience in the future when they have their own apartment or home.

2) If you don’t want to charge your adult child rent or don’t believe their financially able to pay rent, consider having them pay part or all of a utility bill which would include the electric, gas or cable bill.

3) If your adult child wants to use your telephone, make sure they have their own telephone line or cell phone that they are responsible for paying the bill. This will eliminate future headaches for you later, if your phone bill increases to an astronomical amount, due to your adult child living in your home.

4) Consider having your adult child purchase their own food or contribute to the purchase. You may find that your food bill may increase substantially when your adult child moves in. So, in order to alleviate problems with the potential added cost, have your adult child contribute to the cost or get their own food. Remember you’re trying to teach them responsibility and how to manage their own personal finances. So this is a way to do this!

5) Set ground rules for your adult child prior to them moving into your home. Remember, the bottom line is, this is your home and you want to be comfortable while you adult child is living with you. Make sure you make clear whether or not your adult child can have a boyfriend or girlfriend stay overnight in your home, responsibility for certain household chores and any additional ground rules you will want to discuss with your adult child. This will hopefully alleviate problems in the future!

6) You may want to consider setting a time frame for how long your adult child can live with you. That is if you want them to eventually get out on their own and become self sufficient. By doing this, your adult child will continue to learn responsibility and full independence by getting a place of their own!

It’s okay to help your adult child by letting them live with you. However, you don’t want them to be dependant on you forever! You want them to get themselves financially secure to become self sufficient and an independent adult, being able to take care of themselves in their own place! After all, you’ve raised them to carry their own torch so they can be prepared when you’re no longer able to help them!

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Students Reimbursed From National Student Loan Scandal

Congressional investigators and state attorneys general nationwide are continuing to discover kickbacks paid by lenders to school heads of financial id in return for student borrowers being given their name on a "Preferred Lender" list. An email was issued today by Barry Burgdorf, general Students Reimbursed from National Student Loan Scandal counsel for The University of Texas (UT)System, instructing all UT System campuses "to immediately cease and desist use of all preferred lender lists, including, but not limited to, the removal of such lists from Web sites and ceasing further dissemination of such lists to students." This action was directed as a result of the school's investigation of Lawrence Burt, director of financial aid at UT, Austin. Burgdorf must examine Burt's past ownership of stock in a parent company of a student loan company that is listed as one of the school's 20 preferred lenders. Burt is on paid leave pending the results of the investigation.

A national investigation by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has uncovered other improprieties by Timothy Lehmann, the director of financial aid at Capella University, an online school based in Minneapolis. Cuomo says Lehmann was paid more than $13,000 in consulting fees by Student Loan Xpress. Cuomo's office said a consulting company run by Walter Cathie, the dean of financial aid at Widener University in Pennsylvania, was paid $80,000 by Student Loan Xpress since 2005.

Investigators believed Cathie had an agreement with the company to market its services to graduate schools and received fees based on loan volume. Ellen Frishberg, financial services director at Johns Hopkins and member of a U.S. Department of Education advisory committee was asked by Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, to resign her committee position. The request cam after it was discovered Frishberg received about $65,000 from Student Loan XPress, a unit of CIT Group, Inc.

Cuomo found that Education Finance Partners and 60 unnamed colleges and universities had entered into revenue-sharing agreements. These kinds of arrangements can cost students more money in higher Students Reimbursed from National Student Loan Scandal interest rates because it eliminates competition.

The national investigation involves more than 100 schools and companies who have issued approximately 80% of all the student loans in the United States. Education Finance Partners has agreed to pay $2.5 million and adopt Cuomo's code of conduct as part of a settlement to end the investigations of its company. The money from the settlement will go to a fund that helps college-bound students understand their loan options.

Sallie Mae and Citibank have each agreed to pay $2 million into the fund and also agreed to change business practices being reviewed by Congress. Cuomo added that students have been reimbursed as much as $500 each under the settlements.

On Friday, Cuomo's office sent five subpoenas and eight letters asking for lending data.

Companies sent letters were: National City of West Palm Beach, Florida Citizens Bank PNC of Pittsburgh US Bank Bank of America Wells Fargo J.P. Morgan Chase Wachovia Corporation

Lenders that received subpoenas were: College Loan Corporation Access Group Sun Trust Edfinancial Regions Bank

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Finding Student Jobs In The Downturn

Student jobs are crucial to the funding of students up and down the UK. Without them, most student's savings and student loans would simply not be enough. Many student's don't have parents who are in the position to pay for all the necessities of educational life. And so student jobs are the cornerstone for many learners.

The range of student jobs available is potentially vast - although in the current economic situation, there competition is fierce, thus putting more pressure on students. A recent BBC news report detailed how a company in Gloucester received hundreds of applicants for just a handful of positions. A couple of years ago that same company would have found it difficult to fill those positions.

Back in the economic peak of around 2007, many jobs were undesirable for sections of the native population; and so were filled by people from elsewhere in the EU. Now, the native population who have a mind to work are out of work and will, on the whole, take any work available. This level of interest in any job has made getting student jobs much more challenging. But it is still possible.

One of the main advantages that students might have against the general population, is their willingness to accept lower wages; when this is combined with the skills they have learned as a student, employers often find these candidates preferable for certain jobs.

A student who can do the job of, for example, a professional website designer for half the price - can make themselves eminently employable, especially at a time when all types of businesses are looking to cut costs. In terms of student jobs this kind of skilled work is available at all times - although some work would not be possible; such as that which requires licenses or government approval. Such accreditations usually come after a student graduates, or later.

Even in times of recession, people still go drinking. Some even more than before. With this in mind, bars are often a first stop for student jobs. The work needs little training, but does require a certain social enthusiasm - as dealing with the public is the main part of the job.

Many people say that even when economic times are tough, there is always work. There is perhaps a certain truth to this, however with 2.261 million people in the UK might tell a different story. Student jobs, like full time jobs, require a little extra work to get hold of these days. Students have the advantage of (usually) not having restrictions of families, whose needs may not be compatible with antisocial hours sometimes required by certain jobs.

New claimants of Jobseekers Allowance rose by 39,000 in May - less than the 60 thousand that was forecast by some analysts. This is still bad, but when results start being better than thought, there might be reason for optimism. Finding student jobs is still likely to be easier than other fulltime positions, due to the flexibility of many students. The crucial thing to remember is that jobs come to those who seek them most - so when that gap appears, you're ready to grab it!

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Student Loan Consolidation Reduces Student Loan Debt

The best way to reduce student loan debt is through Student Loan Consolidation because students by and large have multiple loans to deal with. Their needs keep increasing and in the same proportion their loans keep piling up. Often they cannot manage to pay credit card bills on time. All this further escalates their loan liability.

They have to handle various kinds of loans such as car loan and other loans besides the perpetual problem of late or unpaid credit card bills. By the time they have graduated and are ready to enter the workforce most students find themselves with an insurmountable burden of student loan debt on their heads.

Even after they get a job and income starts flowing in, they find it is flowing out even faster since most of it goes into repaying the loans. The worst part is that despite all this they don't seem to make much difference in the outstanding debts. They still have loads of unpaid student loan debts. Therefore, it is better to take steps to manage student loan debt efficiently before leaving college.

Student loan consolidation is the best way of dealing with all this student loan debt. A number of student loan debt consolidation companies are offering student loan consolidation services nowadays.

A student loan consolidation program packages all your outstanding debt into one lump sum so that you have only one loan to pay off, which you can pay back in the form of regular monthly installments.

By consolidating their student loan debt with a student loan consolidation programs, students can save up to 60% on their monthly payments. An additional benefit of going for a student loan consolidation program is that it can rid the tension of keeping track of a large number of payments and their due dates. Under a student loan consolidation program, only a single loan repayment is made every month.

Thirdly, you will be paying a lower interest rate since interest rates for most student loan consolidation programs are much lower than what you would generally be paying on credit card payments and other loans. All in all, you stand to gain by consolidating student loan debt with a student loan consolidation programs on various counts. You save on interest payments and your finances get streamlined.

And last but not least, consolidating student loan debt with student loan consolidation is an easy process with no cost or obligation to apply and there is no credit check. A recommended online source which allows students to have student loan debt consolidation companies compete to reduce or eliminate student loan debt is a website: The site even offer a Free Student Loan Consolidation Ebook written by a student who reduced her own student loan debt with a Student Loan Consolidation Program.

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Help Student Loan

Help I need a student loan and I have bad credit well even if you have little credit or no credit rating at all, you can still get a student loan. Student loans are a good way to build credit as well, so once you obtain one, be sure to repay it.

Student loans for those with little or no credit are government-backed loans or loans offered through your university. One such option is the Stafford loan. When the student borrows these loans, most lenders do not look at the student’s credit history. You can apply for a Perkins loan as well, which also does not look at your credit history. The government supplies the money for this type of loan, but it is reserved those who are most in need, so this option is not available for everyone.

Federal student loans are based on both income and availability. What happens if you can’t afford college yet don’t qualify? An alternative choice for you or your parents is a private student loan. These are loans done through private lenders instead of the government. The advantage of these types of direct student loans is that they have many of the same kinds of benefits as federal loans.

These loans can be used for any and all college expenses. Things like tuition, books, supplies, computers, and living expenses are all things that qualify for private student loan funds. These loans are unsecured, meaning that no collateral is needed. The loans are credit-based instead. This can mean that you might need a co-signer if you have not established a credit history.

A private education loan is usually a low-interest loan. The money can be delivered in as little as five days, and the money is given to you instead of the school. You are then responsible for paying for their various educational expenses.
Once you graduate and find a job, the reality of paying back your student loans hits. Below are some steps you can take to help keep the payments from causing you heartache.

The first rule is to stick to a payment plan. Set aside a certain amount every month for your loan payment. Making a larger payment than required each month can help you pay back the loan sooner, thereby saving you a great deal of money on interest. If you think you may forget, set it so the payment is electronically transferred each month.

If you're simply can’t come up with your monthly payment, there are options. Since your salary is only going to grow as you climb the corporate ladder, you can schedule graduated repayment plans with your lender. You start with a low monthly payment that will gradually get larger over the term of your loan.

If you're absolutely out of options, you might be able to temporarily suspend your payments. If you lose your job or go back to school for an advanced degree, you can request a deferment of your loan payments. If your request is granted and you have a Stafford loan, the government will actually take care of the interest that accrues during your deferment.

If you can't get a deferment, try forbearance. You can suspend payments for up to a year, though you'll still be responsible for the built up interest.

This kind of loan has other advantages similar to federal loans. The interest and principal payments can be deferred until you graduate from school. For most of these loans, you are required to be attending school at least halftime for the deferral of payments and interest.

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Student Loan Competition Results in Huge Savings For Online Students

With many students getting ready to head into the second semester of school, the question of how to pay for the next year of school is of great concern. This is true for high school graduates, college students and working professionals looking to return to school online.

While scholarships and grants are a great solution to the financial aid need, the unfortunate reality is that many students will not qualify for either of those options. Many scholarships require certain criteria that not everyone can meet and often students find themselves above the financial threshold required in order to qualify for grants.

When this happens, student loans are often the alternative that individuals turn to. The good news is that today, student loans are more competitive than ever! As with credit cards and car loans, competition means better rates and options for the consumer.

Let's look at Astrive Student Loans as an example.

According to their website, Astrive Student Loans now offers up to $30,000 per year and repayment of the loan does not begin until after graduation. Because Astrive student loans are private loans, they are not subject to government regulations and can be used for all types of educational expenses. This includes room & board, tuition, lab fees, etc.

As mentioned earlier, competition has helped drop the interest rates being charged on student loans and made the loans much more affordable for students today. In fact, many companies today are offering added incentives to students who set up automatic payment of their loan through their checking account. This often includes reducing the interest rate on the loan by 0.25% or so. In the case of Astrive Student Loans, an additional 0.25% rate reduction can be gained after 3 years of repayment if all payments have been made on time. That 0.5% reduction in the interest rate can add up to a huge number over the life of the loan!

Regardless of which company you may decide to use in acquiring your student loan, it is important to remember that the money you receive is indeed a loan and does require to be repaid. Although the rates today are competitive, it is recommended that you do your homework and search around before signing on the dotted line. Also, keep in mind that when you get to the repayment stage of the game, you will only be able to consolidate your student loan once. If you choose your student loan with the same care that you choose your online degree, you will make the right decision!

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More about Student Loan Consolidation Programs

A large number of students have been forced to finance their education by getting education loans. Some of the student gets easy loan with lower rate of interest but majority of students find themselves to pay-off their education loan without them, it’s difficult to get an education due to the rising cost of higher education.

While studying, apart from payment loans, student might get struck to pay other bills, or to find a better place to live. So comes the direct student loan consolidation solution comes and having the best plan available for the student.

Student loan consolidation plan are applicable for all students whether you are still in school or a recent graduate or already into your new career.

If you are having several students loan, then it is easier to use direct loan consolidation program to consolidate your several loan into one loan payment and making easier to manage them with fixed rate of interest.

There are four plans in direct student loan consolidation for re-payment that you want to consider which is best for your needs.

Standard Student Loan Consolidation

In which maximum student loan period is 10 years and the payment amount monthly is fixed. This plan is best for students who can afford to pay fixed amount every month.

Extended Payment Plan

This type of plan is similar to standard student loan consolidation and having fixed amount monthly except it has a longer repayment period of between 12 to 30 years. The repayment period is depends on the student loan amount which can be larger total amount.

Graduated Payment Plan

Whereas Graduated Payment Plan is suitable for student till schooling who can only repay the loan after getting the job or after their graduation. The payment period is between 15 to 30 years. The intention behind is the as the student has worked for a longer period of time, then their salary will increase and thus able to pay a larger repayment student loan.

Income Contingent Payment Plan

this type of plan is complicated and is based on the student's income level over a period of years. It is also based on the family's annual gross income, other loan amounts owed, other assets, mortgages etc.

Most student usually choose graduated payment plan or the extended payment plan for their direct student loan consolidation.

So direct student loan consolidation program is the best way for the student to pay-off their loans but if they are near to paying-off their existing loans, then it’s advisable to consolidate and extends your payments.

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About Astrive Student Loans

If you are in need of supplemental money to help cover the cost of university, Astrive student loans may be what you are looking for in order to get the extra financing you seek. Astrive student loans are actually private loans that were established to help cover the costs of schooling that are not covered by the standard federally funded financial aid packages.
There are several methods that you can acquire Astrive student loans. Firstly, you can apply by yourself. In order to do this, you must have an extremely good credit history that has matured for at least 26 months. This is typically difficult for teens to meet, so the majority of people making use of Astrive student loans apply with a co-signer.
A co-signer is someone with a good credit rating who is willing to vouch for you and take responsibility for your student loan. A co-signer must meet a certain list of criteria in order to be eligible.
There are several criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for Astrive student loans. First, you must already know which college you are going to attend. This is important, as Astrive must contact the school and ask for information on the loan process for that specific school. On top of that, they will verify that you will be attending that college, and set up the process of fund transfers from Astrive to the school.
Astrive student loans function in a very similar way to how federally funded loans do. There is the same six month grace period associated with federal funding and a very similar application process. However, unlike federal funding, Astrive student loans are not bound by the same limitations that federal funds are.
Federal funding will only permit a certain amount per student, while Astrive student loans are usually more flexible. If your credit rating and history, as well as that of your co-signer, support a higher limit, you can get the limit that you need. This is very useful for those students who are enrolled in famous higher education centers, as these colleges are typically a great deal more expensive.
However, just like many financial centers, but unlike federal funding, Astrive student loans applications can be rejected for any reason they like. Those reasons may range from economic downturns to the possibility that you may default on the loan. The higher the risk you are, the more chance there is that your application will not be accepted.

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Student Debt Advice

Student loans may be the first time that a younger person has to deal with debt. It can be an eye-opening experience, one in which people can be quickly and easily confused. When younger people don't understand their debt problems, then they need to seek debt advice in order to deal with the situation that they are in. There is a lot of advice for people that need help with their student loans. What are some of the things that they can do?

Loan forgiveness would be the first option for many people in order to take care of their student loans, but that isn't an option for the majority of people. There are options though, which can help a student work to reduce and eventually pay off their student loan debt. One of the most important things that can be done is consolidate all of the education loans that one has. When they are able to do that, then it can help a student in a major way. One of the ways that it helps is by reducing the amount of interest that you will have to pay. This occurs because there is interest only on one loan, not several loans.

Another one of the most important things that people can do is to make extra payments on the loans that they have. While that may seem hard for people to do, they actually will save a significant amount of money even if they made just a few extra payments on their loans. They are able to save money because of the fact that they are paying less in interest due to the fact that they are paying their balance off sooner. One of the good things about student loans though is the fact that they are generally fairly low in interest. In addition, it is considered a good form of debt because of the fact that it helps a person throughout the rest of their life. While student loans may seem to be a major problem, there are a number of debt advice resources that are available to student to help them with their loans.

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Finding Graduate Student Loans With Bad Credit

Graduate school scholarships in the form of fellowship and assistance provide two facets to the benefits a student can acquire: financial and academic. With these programs, students would no longer have to worry about finding a source to pay through their college and other entailing costs, such as learning materials and costs of living.

Graduate school fellowships are awarded to graduate students and there are several programs offered depending on the specific field of study you intend to be a part of. For instance, graduate studies to teaching courses can avail of tuition benefits and a monthly stipend. And the good news is, there is no need to repay them.

Graduate school is often the apparent next step for undergraduate students who have a mind in advancing their career and credentials. Yet nowadays, paying for the high cost of graduate school seems a tremendous feat. This seems more impossible when you’ve got bad credit standing in your way of getting a financial loan. Fortunately, there’s a way to get around in getting a graduate student loan even with a bad credit status.

The first source you can tap for financial aid is the United States government’s Financial Student Aid. This type of federal loan often provides better interest rates than private loans. However, students can only borrow a set amount of money due to the limited resources of the capital Federal fund. You will need to accomplish a FAFSA Application form if you want to apply for the Financial Student Aid.

Critical need loans are another type of student financial aid you can tap for graduate school. Critical need loans are available for students who are taking up courses or advance studies in fields that are in high need. Nowadays, the health and medical sciences, particularly nursing and primary care programs, are in high demand. If you are in one of these fields, it might be easier to get approved for this loan despite your bad credit.

Federal funding is typically not enough to cover all the expenses of graduate school. Other graduate students turn to private loans and lenders to supplement federal funding that they’ve received.

Take care to research each lending company first before making a commitment. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company and avoid predatory lenders as these can do more damage than good to your credit.

Try to get somebody with a good credit standing or reputation to cosign your loan. Your parents may be some of the best people to be approached for this. A Cosigner is another party that agrees to pay back a part of your loan. This is one of ensuring the approval of your loan even if you have bad credit.

Of course it is also possible to go through graduate school without applying for a student loan at all. Look into your school for scholarship grants, fellowships, and assistantships. Unlike loans, scholarships and grants do not need to be braid back. In addition, these are awarded based on merit so your credit history need not be an issue.

You can use this opportunity to improve your credit standing. You can also use private credit counseling services to manage your debt and loan consolidation to help you payoff your debt.

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Bad Credit Student Loans No Cosigner: Carrying Cash without Dedicating Collateral

In this day and age, studying has also made a complication for the students because lots of courses are available for pursuing but the selection for a right course and pursuing it is not easy for a student since all courses carry high expenses that’s why students who are from the middle or lower class, they can’t pay for right course according to their preferences. But now they don’t need to fret to pursue suitable course because Bad Credit Student Loans No Cosigner are special resorts for one and all students. Such student loans patronize the students immediately without requiring any kind of security.

Students have feeble finacial succor before taking admission in the next class, they don’t need to concern for funds because Bad Credit Student Loans No Cosigner are hassle free from bestowing security of asset as collateral or co-signer. But before availing the funds, student borrowers need to pay attention on the terms or the conditions of such loans because these student loans are provided for pursuing Graduate, Undergraduate or Post graduation courses.

The students who are tottering with bad credit history by reason of staining situations as defaults, arrears, CCJs IVA or bankruptcy and so on. In these forms they are out of ready cash and income source but they have a desire for achieving the suitable education to be made good persons. But now being bad credit history is not obstruction for availing Bad Credit Student Loans No Cosigner because credit check is not required. Collateral is not also required for such loans.

Availing funds in ranges from $ 500 to $ 15000 with Bad Credit Student Loans No Cosigner is extreme hassle free. Opting for such ramparts of loans, students have to come over the Internet to search well for a right lender; the selected lender provides a simple online application form to the student borrowers to fill out few formalities for instance name, residency, contact number, service security number (SSN) bank account number, age and the list goes on. After confirmation the cash will be wired in the bank account of the student borrower. These sorts of loans carry slightly high rate of interest and they can be repaid within 2-5 years or after completion education.

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Student loan consolidation & Sources to get Student Loans

In the United States, federal student loans are consolidated somewhat differently, as federal student loans are guaranteed by the U.S. government. In a federal student loan consolidation, existing loans are purchased and closed by a loan consolidation company or by the Department of Education (depending on what type of federal student loan the borrower holds). Interest rates for the consolidation are based on that year's student loan rate, which is in turn based on the 91-day Treasury bill rate at the last auction in May of each calendar year.[citation needed]

Student loan rates can fluctuate from the current low of 4.70% to a maximum of 8.25% for federal Stafford loans, 9% for PLUS loans.[citation needed] The current consolidation program allows students to consolidate once with a private lender, and reconsolidate again only with the Department of Education.[citation needed] Upon consolidation, a fixed interest rate is set based on the then-current interest rate. Reconsolidating does not change that rate. If the student combines loans of different types and rates into one new consolidation loan, a weighted average calculation will establish the appropriate rate based on the then-current interest rates of the different loans being consolidated together.

Federal student loan consolidation is often referred to as refinancing, which is incorrect because the loan rates are not changed, merely locked in. Unlike private sector debt consolidation, student loan consolidation does not incur any fees for the borrower; private companies make money on student loan consolidation by reaping subsidies from the federal government.

Student loan consolidation can be beneficial to students' credit rating, but it's important to note that not all federal student loan consolidation companies report their loans to all credit bureaus.[citation needed]

Applying for a loan can't be simpler. You may do so by visiting a local cash advance store or completing an online application.

Click below for More Information & Fill the online Application Form to get loan in Minutes.

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Student loans: cost effective funds for your education

Want to go for higher studies but lack sufficient funds? Wondering how to finance your educational needs? Stop thinking and start acting! Get student loans as they provide you correct financial assistance to assist your dream of higher education. There is no better way to finance your education than these cost effective loans.

Student loans can be opted to cover various education related expenses that students may find difficult to handle. They can pay electricity bills, accommodation charges, library or examination fee, commuting expenses, purchase books and pay food expense.

Student loans can be classified as secured and unsecured. For secured student loans you are required to offer any of your valuable assets as collateral. You can place your house, car and valuable documents as security. You can borrow a substantial loan amount. As against in case of unsecured loans there is no such obligation of placing security. The amount offered is less and rates are slightly higher.

The loan amount for student loans generally depends on the type of course you want to apply for. Students can apply for graduate and post graduate courses. You can even opt for professional, regular and part time courses as per your choice.

Student loans are offered at lower rate of interest so that you don’t find it difficult to repay. The repayment term is quite flexible and students are allowed a repayment break of 6-9 months. Meanwhile you can search for a suitable job and start the repayment term as soon as you get the job.

Bad credit holders can also apply! Yes student loans are open to all types of borrowers. Those facing bad credit like arrears, defaults, CCJs, late payments, bankruptcy and missed payments can approach and entail student loans.

Student loans can be applied through banks, other financial institutions and online. Applying online is convenient and simple as you just have to fill a simple online form. The processing of loan also takes place online which makes the process hassle free and quick.

Now fulfill your educational requirements and get finance for your education with the help of student loans. There are no additional charges or hidden costs involved.

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Student loan consolidation & Sources to get Student Loans

In the United States, federal student loans are consolidated somewhat differently, as federal student loans are guaranteed by the U.S. government. In a federal student loan consolidation, existing loans are purchased and closed by a loan consolidation company or by the Department of Education (depending on what type of federal student loan the borrower holds). Interest rates for the consolidation are based on that year's student loan rate, which is in turn based on the 91-day Treasury bill rate at the last auction in May of each calendar year.[citation needed]

Student loan rates can fluctuate from the current low of 4.70% to a maximum of 8.25% for federal Stafford loans, 9% for PLUS loans.[citation needed] The current consolidation program allows students to consolidate once with a private lender, and reconsolidate again only with the Department of Education.[citation needed] Upon consolidation, a fixed interest rate is set based on the then-current interest rate. Reconsolidating does not change that rate. If the student combines loans of different types and rates into one new consolidation loan, a weighted average calculation will establish the appropriate rate based on the then-current interest rates of the different loans being consolidated together.

Federal student loan consolidation is often referred to as refinancing, which is incorrect because the loan rates are not changed, merely locked in. Unlike private sector debt consolidation, student loan consolidation does not incur any fees for the borrower; private companies make money on student loan consolidation by reaping subsidies from the federal government.

Student loan consolidation can be beneficial to students' credit rating, but it's important to note that not all federal student loan consolidation companies report their loans to all credit bureaus.[citation needed]

Applying for a loan can't be simpler. You may do so by visiting a local cash advance store or completing an online application.

Click below for More Information & Fill the online Application Form to get loan in Minutes.

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Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner: NO required a co-signer

Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner are good appropriates for the students. They need the cash for the assorted requirements like tuition fee, Hostel charges, Computer expenses etc. Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner can be also used for consolidating assorted student debts. Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner are very easier to avail because the student doesn’t need a cosigner or the collateral to place Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner. Many lenders are providing the cash to the students through Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner. These lenders require to the students to qualify few formalities that are in their favor, he/she must be at least 18 years or more, they must have a residential proof where they are studying, they must have an active checking account at least 6 months old and they are studying in under graduate or post graduation. All the mentioned formalities are in their pocket, Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner is wired in their college bank account automatically. It is true that quite a lot of Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner do not require a cosigner. For instance, when a student feels out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, form, the loans for which he or she is approved often do not require a cosigner. Moreover students living outside of the United States who wishes to attend a college or university in the United States - are quite often completely out of luck when it comes to qualifying for federal student aid. However, international students can receive private loans and various other forms of non-federal financial aid if he or she has someone in the United States willing to act as a cosigner for his or her loan. In order to qualify as a cosigner in these particular cases, a person must be a United States citizen or have a green card. A good credit score is also a requirement. The repayment process of Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner is very long terms. So the rate of interest is not so high. Basically the repayment period of Student Loans For Students Without A Cosigner is for ten years.

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Student Loans Lead To Legitimate Gripes And Groans

Graduation secrets for achieving your degree are a lot like the secret to being successful in life if you believe the saying that ninety percent of success is simply showing up. In most cases for most students the classes are not so hard they cannot be bested if they do make the effort of at least showing up. Grades can be based on as few as half a dozen tests over an entire year's worth of time so if the student is showing up then it is likely some of that material is sinking in and therefore they have a fighting chance of passing.
Earning a degree is just that however. You will need to earn it. Today's college courses both on campus and on line are structured to help the student succeed in almost every possible way including in the case of online classes the opportunity to make your own hours so there is little excuse for not getting assignments done on time. Websites called forums have been in existence for some time now and students can log into these forums and post their questions or search for answers that have already been provided by those who went before them. In almost every situation where a college has an on line student forum there will be precedent and present opportunity to get help answering any questions they may have or perhaps find information which gives them a whole new group of questions to consider but not to worry since the answers to those new questions will be on the same page or very near there.

Yet with all this additional help that didn't exist back in years past, there still exists an unacceptable level of failure for students seeking a degree above that of high school. In fact one in every four drops out of college in their freshman year. An appalling number to any parent who has scraped and saved for close to twenty years to send their children to college. A terrifying number to a working adult who is spending what extra income and time they have to spare, on trying to better their lives. While this article mainly focuses on why the recently graduated high school student is failing in their attempt at college there are some reasons that bridge the gap of the recently graduated high school student to that of the working adult seeking a better paying career and the biggest common denominator is the cost of the education.

Investigation by this writer finds the reason for dropping out of college for the majority of those who do not continue is first and foremost the cost of the education. Then added to the equation is the possibility that after having accumulated all those loans which are waiting to be paid back there is still the chance that the student will not pass the necessary courses to be awarded the degree they need to get a job that will pay enough to allow them to pay off those loans.

If the student is struggling in the first semester it makes perfect sense to consider cutting your losses since simple logic states that the courses are not going to get easier. They will in fact get harder and in some cases much harder. Do you stick out three years on a four year tour only to find out that you cannot pass the classes in the last year and thus face paying back all those accumulated loans or quit now and only have to pay back for a semester or at most a year's worth of loans.

There is hope however. Colleges across the country are implementing new courses which are designed to help the new student learn to manage their time better so they can keep both the part-time job needed to pay for living expenses and still have room for both study and a social life because not only does all work and no play make Jack a dull boy but the contacts and people skills you develop while in college are every bit as important as the actual classes you take and these things are learned in the classroom called life where there is no substitute or shortcuts.

These new courses which teach students how to take care of themselves are so successful that one college has reached a thirteen percent drop out rate which is considerably more optimistic than the twenty-five percent national average. Students just entering their freshman year of college would do well to make room on their schedule for this class as it will benefit everyone from the most accomplished to the most undeserving in teaching them the core basics of adult life and all that is required to live on one's own. This then frees up all that which would have otherwise been stress so the student can more concentrate on learning the education they came there to gain.

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The Spread of Education : Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is changing the spread of education throughout the globe. No longer confined in the four walls of traditional institutions, virtual training courses and the virtual facilitators who run them are doing their
share to provide continuous learning to almost anyone who needs and wants to pursue further educational goals. Virtual online schools are
continually growing everyday in almost every country who believes that everyone has the right to affordable learning.

More recently, a research study was conducted and revealed by the Associated Press on a high school that Microsoft designed. Even though the
students of this special system have to physically be in the schools, they are now enjoying the benefits of having interactive smart boards, digital lockers and laptops that are slowly replacing heavy school books. These
developments are only a few of the advantages brought about by Virtual Learning. Traditional educational methods are evolving to be part of the
age where digital technology and the Internet are changing the way we almost do everything around us.

During the aftermath of a recent Hurricane in the US and after the damages it brought to several states, Virtual learning redefined how education can also progress alongside the several turn of events that occurred right after a disaster. More than 3,000 affected students were not able to go to their respective schools. They were not able to attend their classes for months. However, these students were able to continue their education with the help of virtual learning courses. Sloan Foundation gave birth to this
truly amazing program of virtual learning to help those kids who lost their schools because of natural calamities. Together with its partners
and sponsors, the foundation lent a hand to those who needed it most.

Virtual training courses are also expanding to the far reaches of the globe where poverty and illiteracy are still rampant. Online virtual
learning has been featured in the world news months ago. E-learning modules have reached the Philippines where farmers and agricultural
workers need them to learn more skills and to gain more knowledge to help them in their livelihood. This just proves how Virtual Learning can help people and nations without access to higher education.

The examples above show us how online schools are developing everywhere as we speak. More importantly, we should realize the hard work and the level of competency and effective planning that serves as the starting fire for all these major developments. Virtual learning facilitators should be commended as well for making sure that virtual learning will continually grow and prosper.

Now, virtual learning or online schools may also have negative setbacks. For most young students who are undergoing virtual courses and lessons, online teachers are not really seen as actual instructors who can effectively guide them. This is true because kids will most likely act indifferently if they do not have actual student-teacher interaction. Most kids have short attention spans and this, in turn, can cause the trainers or the facilitators to continue their teaching methods without a concrete or definite way to measure if the students are reacting positively to his methods. In addition, without personal interaction, the facilitators cannot instantly determine if the students have developed the initiative to learn more or to develop insights of their own.

For every problem that is seen as a challenge rather than as a setback, there will always be a solution. There are several ways to develop and improve the interaction between the facilitators and the participants. There is no sure-fire way to build instant interaction in online training sessions so one should always keep an open mind. One way is for the facilitators to design a training module that has the objectives and activities to ensure that the students will be able to think on their own even after the courses have ended. An effective lesson plan includes the goals that the trainers have in mind for his or her participants. The methods in discussing the courses should also be conducive to trigger the student’s minds to actively participate and not just to read the modules after the actual sessions. Most facilitators require the participants to post their own ideas and perspectives after the online lessons. They set deadlines and most online trainers demand papers or short dissertations every week or so to measure the students’ ability to understand not just what he heard, saw and read over the Internet but also the students’ ability to connect the lessons in real-life situations. Designing a module wherein the participants can actively share their inputs is also another helpful tip. Timelines for the courses should also take into consideration the fact that the students’ have varying learning curves in grasping certain concepts and skills. This is especially true for online courses that provide higher educational attainment for the participants.

Online schools are even providing post-graduate degrees to professionals who have busy schedules but want to have more educational attainment to further their careers. With that, the popularity of online learning methods is growing. This is due to the fact that online teaching and learning is more cost-effective and accessible. People can know get certifications for skills and knowledge gained by just using the Internet.

If you wish to pursue higher education at a cost that is agreeable to you, you can search the Internet for the numerous sites that offer virtual

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